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No-Clog Writing Cap

No-Clog Writing Cap.

For clog-free, precise application of liquids including: adhesives, paints, resins, stains, glazes, lubricants, masking fluids, and more.

  • Replace original cap with the No-Clog Writing Cap.  Comes with two interchangeable writing tips for “fine” or “thicker” lines.
  • Pin Top keeps stainless steel tip clear of clogs.
  • Perfect replacement for snip-type spouts.
  • Regular cleaning of the tip and pin with the Best Cleaner Ever is strongly recommended.
  • Easy as 1-2-3
    • 1. Exchange the No-Clog cap for the original same size cap.
    • 2. Unscrew Pin Top.  Tip is ready for use.
    • 3. Promptly replace Pin Top after use.

Perfect Crafting Pouch

Perfect Crafting Pouch.

The multi-use tool you never knew you needed, and never will want to be without again.

  • Stops bleeding and smearing of wet inks.
    • For inject printers; pigment, dye, and solvent ink stamps; permanent, fabric, and water-based markers; gel pens, and other wet inks.
    • On both slick and absorbent media including vellum; coated, textured papers; acetate; ribbon; twill tape; acrylic; fabric; wood; cork and more.
  • Dries inks instantly from inkjet printing on vellum to over-stamping with pigment inks.
  • Anti-static protection from glitter, embossing powders, and other fine bling.
  • Release agent for polymer clay and other modeling compounds with stamps and molds.
  • Deactivates stickers, sticky tapes, and adhesives.
  • Adds “traction” for stamping acrylic, acetate and slick media.
  • Neat and tidy to keep hands powder-free with scant residue on work surface.

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