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About The Robin’s Nest Creative

Our goal is to inspire the creator in you.

The Robin’s Nest is more than just a manufacturing company specializing in dew drops and artist embellishments. It’s a family.

Our Story

When I took over the business, I had about four months to figure everything out before my parents left for their humanitarian mission. I had been a part of the business for a while, but to do it all on my own was going to be an adventure! We attended the Craft and Hobby Association and I was introduced to many people who had only previously spoken with my mother. I learned some secrets of the trade and learned to observe more of what was going on around me than I had anticipated. What a whirlwind. My parents left for Ethiopia (see why I was on my own), and I took over. I was able to talk to them every once in a while when they were able to Skype, but not as often as I probably needed to, haha.

When I took over, the scrapbook side of the business seemed to be trending towards more digital scrapbooking. I designed papers for the next few years but ultimately decided that the business needed to still be in the arts and crafts, but not the paper side of the arts and crafts. We have sold our printing and glitter machines but have kept other machines that we use to manufacture the Creative Dew Drop Canvases and the Dew Drops. We evolved.

Robin and Rachel at a trade show

The Arts are very important to me. There are so many reasons to keep art in our lives, so many reasons that art should be taught in schools, so many reasons that art should be in the museums and parks that surround us. It brings joy and color to what can sometimes be a mundane world. It shows that there are different perspectives in each person’s mind. I love the vibrancy, the spirit, and the inspiration that art shares with all of us.

This is why we are focusing on canvases and Dew Drops. They are so artsy, yet there is no way to duplicate each piece of canvas. So every artist who creates their canvas will have a different canvas than their fellow artist. This is awesome! Different points of view from the same starting point. That is what art should be all about, sharing our beautiful differences with a blank canvas.

Rachel O'Crowley Owner

Meet Rachel

Rachel O’Crowley

As a huge fan of art, my road has led to volunteering for the Visual Arts for the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan. This has led me to now be on the board of directors for both the Utah Arts Festival and the Cultural Arts Society of West Jordan. My world has many different genres that aid in my love for the arts. I am an owner of a manufacturing company, The Robin’s Nest of Vernal, which makes Creative Canvas and Dew Drops for artists to use to create. The Robin’s Nest has been a part of the crafting world for many years. We encourage the mixture of art and real-life photos as an imaginative story of an individual. I also own a printing company, Angelic Imaging. This company prints all types of promotion products, canvases, photos, pamphlets, banners, and more. 

Meet Tayler

Robin’s Nest Office Team

My name is Tayler Gager and I am the creative social engineer for The Robin’s Nest Creative. I’m a new mom and my baby girl is just over 3 months now! I love everything about being a mom. It’s also taught me so many things in just three short months.
I love being creative and trying to create things that are different or outside of the box. I’ve always loved The Robin’s Nest products and I love using them to add some pizzazz to literally anything and everything I make!

Tayler Gager Robin's Nest office team

Our Dew Drops

Our Dew Drops are unique because:

They are exclusive to our website
They’re custom designed by our team
They’re manufactured in the United States

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