How to Create a Christmas Tree Card with Dew Drops

      Ingredients: Artsy Dew Drop Pine Tree Canvas Aladine- IZink Dye Spray by Seth Apter,  Emerald and Pomegranate Dew Drops – Ornament Mini Dew Drops  and Christmas Dew Drops Scrap paper cut to 5 x 7 inches Painter’s Tape Paper Cutter Card Stock Base for Card  5 x 7 inches Christmas themed card stock to […]
November 21, 2020







  • Protect your surfaces, using paper towels or other protective layer or misting box.
  • Construct a template to mask the Christmas tree design.
  • Protect the outside of the tree by adhering the template to your canvas and to the work surface with painter’s tape.  Mist with Emerald IZink Dye Spray.  Let dry completely.


  • Protect the tree with it’s mask, adhering it to the canvas and the work surface.  Mist the tree surrounding area lightly with Pomegranate IZink Dye Spray.  Again, let dry thoroughly.

  • Adhere the canvas to the card base.  Add sentiment, as desired.
  • Decorate the tree with Dew Drops, adhering them with fabric glue.  Let dry.  Create 5 x 7 envelope, as you like, with Christmas Themed paper.  Now you are ready to present this card with a gift.

Happy Saturday!  Have a fun and creative day!


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