Rainy Day Rainbow with Dew Drops

Nothing brightens up a rainy day like a break in the cloud and a colorful rainbow!
February 27, 2023

To get started, you will need the following:

Begin by drawing a ‘rainbow’ of glue onto the blank canvas. Allow the glue to set a bit so it becomes tacky enough to hold the dew drops in place.

Place a bit of wax onto the end of a old paintbrush and use this to easily pick up and position your dew drops.

When all the dew drops have been placed in the glue, start water coloring the rest of the canvas.
Roll a q-tip around on the still wet canvas to pull up some paint. This gives the impression of stormy clouds.

*Optional, add some dimensional sealer to a building or two as a highlight.  Enjoy!

If you like my project, be sure to visit the links below for more Dew Drop inspiration!

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